SOOM, a hugely popular Korean maker of resin BJDs, offers one line of 1/6 scale/26 cm mature dolls, called "Mini Gems". Like SOOM's larger dolls, the Mini Gems are made of hard resin strung together with heavy elastic and internal metal hooks; as a result they have much more of a porcelain or china '"feel" than the Volks and Obitsu minis. No option parts are available. There are three Mini Gem sculpts, all female: Garam, Aren, and Uyoo 'Elf" (with pointed ears). As with most resin BJDs, the buyer has the option of buying the Mini Gems as fully assembled but unfinished blanks, or with finished and made-up faces (called a "face-up" in the BJD hobby) and body shading done by company artists. Wigs, eyes in acrylic or glass, and any paint/art/makeup medium can be used to customize a resin doll.