Obitsu's 1/6 scale plastic figures are a 27 cm male, 27 and 25 cm females, and 21-23 cm males and females. They are aimed directly at the customizing hobby, with interchangeable parts, a wide range of options, and a unique structure built around a rigid internal 'skeleton'.

  • The 27 cm male body comes in two options, "slim" (younger) type and "realistic" (mature/muscular) type, and three colors: Caucasian fleshtone, black (jet black, not African) and transparent clear. A magnetic option is available, with magnets in the feet and a metal base, enabling single-foot stands and other hard-to-balance poses. A range of haired/unhaired heads and different hands is also available.
  • Obitsu describes the 27 cm female body thus: "27cm female body has three different body types: normal body (hard vinyl for the chest section), SB body (soft vinyl for the chest section) and SBH body (soft vinyl for the chest section in one-piece abdomen). SB type and SBH type has three different breast size (S, M, and L size). There are two colors available for each body type, which are fleshtone and white skin. The normal body also includes a clear type. Over all, there are 25 different body types available. Each body type has a different body structure and head attachments. We offer the body sets with/without magnets. The body with magnets comes with a steel plate. Heads are also sold separately from the body set."
  • The 25 cm female body comes with two different pairs of hands and three different head attachments, permitting her to be completed with any Obitsu 27, 21 or 23 cm head, other companies' heads and customized heads. She is available in natural or white skin and in three bust sizes. [It should be obvious by now that the majority of customizers are male...]
  • The 21-23 cm male and female figures are intended as preteen/young teen boys and girls, and come in the same skin tones and magnetic options as the larger dolls.