The NEO figures are highly articulated dolls which are aimed at action and character customizers. There are four models: NEO-EB Teen, a younger female; NEO-EB, a mature female; NEO-EB GO, a younger male; and NEO GUY, a mature, muscular male. The female NEOs are available in light, natural, or tan skin, and come complete with blank heads; NEO-EB GO is made in natural or "GUY color" (a pale fleshtone) only, and NEO GUY in GUY color only. Neither male doll includes a head, but a range of heads and inset glass eyes is offered. NEO EB-GO has 23 points of articulation, both the female dolls have 38 and NEO GUY has an impressive 40 (the only Dollfie to be described by Volks as an "action figure".)

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