hecto- (hect- when preceding a vowel)

  1. pref. sixth, a sixth or one-sixth [Gr. hektos]

Derived termsEdit

  • hectometric adj. playscale. [lit. sixth-measure]
    • hectecidium n. a playscale (doll)house or other building. [Gr. oikidion = "small house"]
      • hectecidia pl.
    • hectocosm n. all things playscale. [lit. 1/6th universe]
    • hectophile n. a playscale enthusiast, regardless of focus.
    • hectotechnology n. playscale [models of] technology, real or imaginary.
    • hectozoan n. playscale animal.
      • hectozoa pl. a.k.a. sextilifauna


Hecto-, as it is presently used in the modern metric system to mean 100, is a French alteration of the Greek hekaton,[1] and should have been hecato-.



  1. The Free Dictionary: hecto-

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