ArtiBabs is the colloquial term [portmanteau of articulated Babs] for three similar Barbie bodies released in the 1990s. They all had the same torso and thighs. The mold date (on the lower back) is 1993.

Because of their posability, they are frequently substituted for the rarely-released GI Jane by GI Joe-oriented collectors.

Gymnast bodyEdit

Main article: Gymnast body

This version has flat feet and can freely stand. It was often released under athletic themes (such as cheerleading, baseball and basketball) and is frequently referred to as the "athlete" body.

Equestrienne bodyEdit

Main article: Equestrienne body

This version was identical to the Gymnast body in almost every way, except the toes were made pointing down to accommodate high-heeled footwear. Consequently, it cannot stand without support.

Ballerina bodyEdit

Main article: Ballerina body(ArtiBabs)

This version had extra articulation at the ankles and molded toeshoes, and can also be made to stand freely. The arms differed with the other two and were more similar to Babysitting Skipper and the Generation Girl Barbies.


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