Playscale miniaturism is the combining of a number of hobbies that have nothing in common, except for their scale. They are largely divided along gender and genre lines, such as GI Joe/Military/Heroic, Barbie/Fashion/Romance & Dollhousing/Domestic/Family life. Each of these genres had their own jargon which did not always carry well into the others. This wasn't necessary as long as they were isolated from each other.

But if a miniaturist wanted to construct an adventure scene in a civilian setting, (s)he would have to crash through these implied boundaries in order to do so. As more and more miniaturists have done this, the genre-based jargon became less useful. Is this civilian adventurer (GI Joe in Barbie-land) a figure or a doll? My chrestonym (functioning term) is a sextilian. Chrestonyms are encouraged on this wiki as long as they are sensible and have some rationale behind them. Words like femfig and artiBabs have been developed this way. Additionally, terms from the art of theatrical stagecraft (like wardrobe, props, sets, etc.) translate very well into this hobby.

Sometimes hobby jargon does translate well into general usage. While outdoor-sy miniaturists may object to the dollhouse term playscale, it is readily acceptable wherever scale buildings, furniture or domestic props are included. And those turn up in so many displays.

Since not all sixth-scalers are generalists, feel free to add articles about genre-specific jargon, as well. Be sure to include the genre category it originates from.